Unique plank table - 3 meters

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Here you have a plank table out of the ordinary. We have been lucky enough to find several beautiful old tables of 3 meters. The table has an iron base that is adjustable so that the table can be both 76 cm high or 40 cm low. The table top is very rustic and with large spaces between each plank.

These original old long tables have been used in India both for large festive occasions and have also been used in India's countless markets, from where everything from textiles to spices have been sold.

With this table you can add something completely unique to your decor. The long table will be perfect for you who have plenty of space in the private and enjoy having the house full of guests, or for you who want to add to your cafe decor or restaurant decor a table that can host a larger party.


  • Height: 77 cm
  • Width: 300 cm
  • Depth: 76 cm
  • NB: The size varies, as each product is unique 
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Color: Wood with patina (IMPORTANT each product is unique in color and finish)
  • Material: Iron and wood finish 
  • Product features: Original and old
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