Our influence

For each product purchased, we plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects or collect plastic waste through Empower AS (read more below). So far we have contributed with:



of pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup



pledged to be planted by our partners


kg of CO₂

removed by our tree pledges annually

We support tree planting

In the fight against climate change, trees are a unique resource. While fossil fuels emit planet-warming carbon when we burn them, trees absorb carbon to grow. They store that carbon in themselves, in their trunk, roots and surrounding soil, in a process known as carbon sequestration. In turn, they release oxygen, the very molecule we need to breathe.

When you buy products from us, we plant mangrove trees on your behalf in either Madagascar, Mozambique or Kenya. This provides vital income to local villagers so that they can support their families again. The tree planting is facilitated and tracked by Verdn and carried out by Eden Reforestation Projects. You are able to track your own unique effect after purchasing the product.

Eden Reforestation Projects takes a holistic approach to afforestation and ecological restoration. They work with villages that are committed to restoring their forest, and then hire and train locals to plant new trees. The replanting provides the villagers with a consistent income that helps them support their families. The villagers protect their new forests because they have an interest in them, and as a result, the plant's survival rate is an astonishing 80%. When natural generation is taken into account, the rate is even higher. Only native trees have ever been planted.

We support the collection of plastic waste

More than 350 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year - half of which is for single use and less than 10% of it is ever recycled. From this astronomical figure, only about 2,3% end up in the oceans, but that still means that 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are added to the oceans every year; similar to a trash can that was dumped every minute. The number is also growing rapidly, and it is estimated that plastic can offset fish in the sea by 2050.

When you buy a product from us, you support the fight against plastic waste with your purchase. For the profit, we remove plastic from polluted rivers and coasts in Southeast Asia and Africa, which is covered by our profit from sales.

The plastic is cleaned up by disadvantaged locals in poor communities. The plastic collection is a huge opportunity for these waste pickers, as they get a stable amount per. kilos of collected plastic. Locals who choose to be garbage collectors can multiply their daily income - which for them means food, security and opportunity.

The collection is facilitated and tracked by Verdn and performed by Empower AS. Empower is building a global plastic waste ecosystem based on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system (one of the most efficient recycling schemes in the world). By giving plastic waste a value, they are able to both stop the leakage of plastic into the environment and cost-effectively create incentives for the collection of leaked waste.