Maintenance of Chindi rug and pillow

How do I straighten my rug? 
The rug can be folded and must be straightened after delivery. Place a clean, wet cloth on the fold. Then the rug can be ironed on the opposite side with an iron.
A heavy pile of books or other flat and heavy object can advantageously also be placed on the uneven / folded area. Leave the heavy, flat weight for a few days and repeat as needed.

How do I maintain my rug on a daily basis? 
Rubber or felt pads are recommended. It protects the rug from sharp objects such as stiletto heels and furniture legs.
Vacuum the rug often to remove pebbles and dirt that can damage the fibers.
Turn the rug every 6 months. Especially in areas with heavy traffic, it is an advantage to rotate the carpet to compensate for wear. If the rug gets sunlight daily, it is a good idea to turn the rug over to even out any. sun bleaching. Remember that furniture shades the sun, and therefore the rug can also develop color differences. 

The chindi rugs can (over time) have excess textile ends that protrude. Just as a cashmere sweater in use produces excess fibers, the extra material simply needs to be cut off with sharp scissors.

A stain has appeared on my rug or pillow. How do I clean the rug or pillow? 
Use a clean, wet cloth on the stain as soon as possible (use Natural & Clean cleaning product that does not contain bleach).
Do not rub - but dab with water. For stained stains, use the enclosed cleaning agent from Natural & Clean - feel free to use the enclosed napkins. Spray on and dub off. Make sure the cloth is clean.
Repeat as needed. Let the wet area dry before placing furniture / tables on top of the area.

How do I wash my entire rug or pillow? 
Chindi rugs and pillows are made from surplus materials from the fashion industry. A single rug or pillow can consist of anything from silk, leather, denim, polyester and wool. In principle, it is not recommended to wash it, as the materials behave individually differently on water and soap.