Trademark facts about your purchase

Products by Trademark Living are unique products, and we therefore point out that products with the same item number are not necessarily the same. There will often be differences in colors, sizes and appearance from product to product. This means that you as a customer must expect differences in relation to the product seen on the webshop. Scandinavian Spring can therefore not guarantee that the purchased product has exactly the same look as what is seen on the webshop.

With regard to products made of wood, we point out that wood is a living material that changes and can change character. Wood works with the environment it is in, and small cracks can occur between the wood's veins, for example. Products containing iron can rust. If you buy goods with leather, you must be aware that leather is a natural product, and thus there will be variation in both color, appearance and surface. Small scratches and scars are natural and not manufacturing defects. Due to the processing process, leather goods may smell a little, but it will slowly diminish over time.

We point out that Trademark Livings goods are generally not manufactured for outdoor use.