100% natural

The wooden clocks are made of natural wood, without the use of artificial or toxic substances.

Handmade watches

Hand-assembled unique wooden clocks, set with Japanese quality Quartz movement.

Plant a tree

For every watch sold, WoodMe plants a tree. A sustainable world is reflected in their watches.

WoodMe wooden clocks

Based in Kolding, Denmark, WoodMe watches are designed with a background in unique Scandinavian design spiced with beautiful woods and inspiration from the wider world.

Kolding entrepreneur Kim Mathiasen is the person behind WoodMe wood impurities. Through his upbringing in a carpentry workshop in West Jutland, the entrepreneur has found his deep passion for wood as a material. The personal watches created from wood are the culmination of this passion, as well as a great interest in design in a sustainable green world.

Natural and unique

They are amazingly unique and beautiful. No two are identical. Wooden clocks come in all possible styles. The watches from WoodMe are Danish designed watches, created with inspiration from Scandinavian style, combined with beautiful wood from around the world.

The wood used for our watches comes from a wide variety of hardwood species such as bamboo, sandalwood, ceylon, walnut, zebra and koa. These woods are available in many colors, from completely light to almost black. Common to them is that they are all natural and unique.

WoodMe watches are made exclusively from wood which is not mentioned on the CITES list of endangered species. CITES is the English abbreviation for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Wooden clocks are made with the environmentally conscious consumer in mind

Beauty and uniqueness are not the only hallmarks of the wooden clock. WoodMe manufactures the wooden clocks themselves and uses only carefully selected materials in their designs. Much of the wood used is discarded wood or waste wood from the wood and furniture industry.

Very small pieces of wood are used to make a wooden clock. This means that the utilization is really high. A finished wood watch typically weighs only between 50-100 grams. Characteristic of the production of wooden clocks is therefore a very small "CO2 footprint". Partly due to the high utilization of wood and the fact that wood as a material is CO2 neutral.

Wood Me

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