TuaMea Jewelry

TuaMea is a Danish company that makes socially responsible and sustainable jewelry. The jewelry is handmade and produced from recycled silver and gold. The boxes for the jewelery are made in Denmark from recycled materials where possible (only the print on the boxes is not recycled color).

TuaMea is one of the few approved for use with the exclusive Greenlandic Rubies and Sapphires. Greenlandic rubies and sapphires are completely unique, and they are the oldest rubies and sapphires found in the world - up to 3 billion years old. 5% of sales are supported by the Pink Polar Bear Organization, which aims to protect the inhabitants (people, animals and vegetation) in Greenland, which is affected by climate change and accompanying cultural change.

The jewelery is designed in Denmark and produced in Thailand in a socially responsible way, where all goldsmiths are over 18 years old (no child labor), and all work under the same standard as a Danish goldsmith.